Does Chinoise exist? Everybody knows about Japanoise, but what about China? Is it Chinoise a genre at all? What kind of weird musical fringes are waving at the borders of its underground? What about the ultra-limited editions of DIY tapes and CDRs that we all love? Where can you get some, without having to fly to Beijing or Shanghai?

This blog is meant to answer some of these questions. What we call Chinoise is not a genre or a sound with specific features, but just any kind of outsider music lurking at the edges of the underground music scene in China. Noise as the disruption of a signal, as opposition to shared harmonies, as the foundation for new forms of composition.

All albums we present here are reviewed thoroughly and shared for free. We provide mp3 rips from the original records and we encourage listening and further sharing. Most of these records are not distributed outside of China, and shipping fees as well as language barriers do not help getting them, but if you like the album you just downloaded, be good and support the musicians by going to their shows or buying their records.

‘It is music,’ they say. Are bells and drums all that is meant by music?